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Complete nunchuk w/built-in Li-Ion 14500 cell 900mAh , Not original Wii Nunchuck , easily upgradable, solder 4-wires to original Wii board

select frequency band

U-Link transmitter PCB: use as RF module with regular remote or plant into Wii Nunchuck (Wii not included)

select frequency band

Receiver R3 w/built-in 3A UBEC and WiiMotionPlus gyros, 20A current sensor and 5A igniter/LED switch

select frequency band

Repeater, also works with nunchuck- can be planted inside

when used with nunchuck doesn't have all the functions of normal transmitter(because of smaller chip)



Telemetry module also can be used as transmitter

works with most 2x8,2x16,2x20 LCDs

included blue backlight 2x8(long battery life visible at day/night)

Frequency band