here is PPM as it comes out of NarrowFM detector of standard 2-way radio,

the bandwith is only 6kHz so it doesn't make sense to encode resolution per channel above 200steps

in turn you get sensivity and selectivity not possible with digital UHF LRS, for the same power transmitted the analog system has more than double range

also system response is 3-6 times higher than other LRS

average latency is about 7-8ms because of variable frame rate


RCGroups treads with pictures of UHF RC planes:

long tread - 536km

8 mile 210gr AUW FPV plane

WildWing w/Midland LXT210

wildwing 1
decoder chip - UnidenGMR325
my latest flying wing - Beevolution
example of SMT work - two wires run to "power" button and FM detector
example: two radios prepped w/4channels pins -redy to fly, one radio not prepped yet

my 12ch RC TX w/0.5W Uniden, this 2" antenna tested 10km !