These are new version, now you can store failsaves and all channels store absolute position once configured, if input PPM breaks last stored failsave output instead until connection fixed.
The mixer is setup just like RF beacon with single button and LED
setup codes start with 6 fast clicks then enter one digit to verify stored params or two digits to set new, fast clicks make up numbers and 1-4s pause used to separate numbers. To enter Zero click any number above 15(input A), 10(input B),1(button config) or 2 (analog channels)
To store PPM A and B failsaves hold button until LED turned of(some 4s),if valid PPM present on input A or B new failsave will overwrite old setting,if only one input was active then it will update while other input FS remain old.

Note: the mixer outputs constant sinc PPM which is readable by realflight sim,frsky RF modules and all my other equipment. I have no access to TLRS and never tested if it works..

example setup codes:
6.1.5. five channels reserved for input A even if input less than that and channels above 5 ignored

6.2.2. two channels reserved for input B, if connecting headtracker set it to output 1st two channels and set mixer to input only 2.

6.3.1 momentary switch button added to output PPM as last channel
6.3.2 button can be used to setup the mixer but not included in output PPM

6.4.1 Add only one analog channel (pot)
6.4.2 add two (re-use input B )

6.2 read memory, returns two numbers, here is 2 blinks to indicate input B and second number is channels reserved, one solid blink mean zero.


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